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AZDUIMHS DUI education consists of a 16-hour course that provides education and brings awareness about the severity of a DUI. This service also includes the Screening.

How it Works

The first step is to create your user account so you can pay for your services. After you pay for your services you will then have access to your DUI education course where you will take a pretest designed to gauge your knowledge on driving under the influence.

From there, you will go through a total of 8 modules containing quizzes, videos, and tests. You will read the material or watch a video before every test or quiz. If you do not receive 80% or higher on tests/quizzes you will not be allowed to move forward. However, you can re-take all tests/quizzes until you pass.

After completing all the modules you can then take the posttest which will help us collect data on how much you have learned based on your knowledge before and after taking our course.

Finally, a certificate of completion will be emailed and mailed to you.

Why Use AZDUIMHS For Your DUI Education

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Open 24/7

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Secure Transaction

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Online Certificate


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