Larry Adams is a native of Los Angeles, California. He has resided there the majority of his life.

Larry graduated from Culver City High School. After receiving his diploma, he gained experience as a wild land firefighter at the federal level. Larry responded to wild land fires and medical emergencies as an EMT/Firefighter throughout the west coast. He helped prevent wildfires from destroying homes and the ecosystem, developed plans to do prescribed burns to reduce flammable fuels and to help restore the ecosystem health.  Larry operated a variety of fire suppression tools and used rescue/protective equipment.  In addition, he conducted thorough checks on the sites where fires occurred, studied all routes in the city to discover shortcuts that can save time in case of emergencies, and maintained physical fitness so as to remain ready for all sorts of emergencies both physically and mentally.

As a life-learner, Larry participated in many fire drills and workshops to enhance his firefighting skills and to learn new combating techniques. He educated people about measures to prevent fire outbreaks in their homes and offices, and prepared, monitored and maintained the equipment used in case of fire and other emergencies.

Larry has been a member of Purpose and Destiny Global Restoration Center since 2016 and has put in many volunteer hours helping those in need, feeding the homeless, and mentoring others through his life experiences. He is an asset to the team and inspires others to never give up hope through the strength he displays.

Larry has been a proud and loving father since 2013 and enjoys spending time with his children. They are the apple of his eye and he considers it a privilege to be their father.  He also enjoys traveling, exploring the world, and spending time in environments that spark his visionary ideas.

Larry has displayed his strength through the success of overcoming obstacles in his life, even when tested beyond his limits. He overcame a near-death experience that drove his passion to assist others in maintaining their mental health and well-being. He is known for his compassion, empathy, and love.

Larry’s visionary perspectives inspire and guide people with a desire to go to the next level in their life. He finds fulfillment in birthing ideas that can be used as solutions to life’s challenges. He is admired for this genius and mental ability to see beyond obstacles.